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Dereham Theatre Company (formerly Dereham Operatic Society) is a charitable Trust and was formed in 1948 to offer the local community education and enlightenment in amateur dramatic arts. A very grand way of saying that we were formed to entertain the people of Dereham and Norfolk!

Our Shakespearian motto "Mere folk who give distraction are we" comes from Cole Porter's musical "Kiss Me Kate", which we first performed in 1970, and is based upon one of William Shakespeare's most famous plays "The Taming of the Shrew".

We stage three productions a year (not including the productions of our youth group) including a major musical in the autumn, a pantomime over the Christmas period and a play in the spring.  There is something for everyone!

If you are looking to join one of the premier operatic and dramatic societies in Norfolk as either a performer (we actively encourage all whatever your ability or experience, whether you are a singer, an actor, dancer, or just enjoy being on stage), backstage helper, front of house staff or just looking to purchase some tickets for our next show ........ you need look no further; Welcome to our website.

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Dereham Operatic Society - Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood

Robin Hood And The Babes In The Wood

Director - Heather Barnard

Assistant Director - Catherine Hartley

Musical Director - Ian Futers

Choreographer - Amy Futers

23rd to 26th February 2011
at Northgate High School, Dereham


Beelzebub - Peter Havis
The Sheriff of Nottingham - Nick Bird
The Spirit of the Greenwood - Laura Pirret
Robin Hood - Judith Oulare
Maid Marian - Claire Doughty
Will Scarlet - Emma Gall
Friar Tuck - Kevin Reeve
Little John - Ruth Hannent
Herman the Henchman - Tony Wilds
Nurse Norah - Gareth Evans
Janet - Martha Bailey
John - Declan Matwij


Chloe Bailey, Helen Bailey, Jackie Buckingham, Jade Copeman, Heather Neave, Peter Havis, Nick King


Rachael Bird, Eleanor Buckingham, Chloe Cousins, Amy Futers, Emma Hammond, Bryony Rowe


Review by T Rymer
"DOS made the most of their ‘temporary/new’ venue which was actually very good and not dissimilar to the public Memorial Hall under refurbishment. Opening night but a confident opening from the lively chorus and a solo performance from Beelzebub – never to be seen again! But we booed him anyway! But the real boos and hisses were directed at Nick Bird (Sheriff) as the archetypal well presented and impeccably observed pantomime baddie, strong in all departments. The Spirit of the Greenwood (Laura Pirret) was equally ‘spirited’ and looked great in her autumnal gossamer garb and worked her magic with great aplomb. Robin Hood (Judith Oulare) played a lively and traditional Principal Boy, complete with thigh slaps and with hands on hips, she commanded the stage, also singing with style as required. Not to be outdone and indeed with equal energy and stature, Will Scarlett (Emma Gall) was a striking in her all red outfit and macho posturing as Robin’s right-hand ‘man’. Friar Tuck (Kevin Reeve) and Little John (Ruth Hannent) proved very able Merry Men and were stoically brave when faced with the incompetent Herman the Henchman (Tony Wilds), who revelled in his demented portrayal of the Sheriff’s useless sidekick, who was clearly bullied at school….. A relatively mild classroom scene where he is blamed and spanked for every misdemeanour by Dame come Teacher, Nurse Norah (Gareth Evans) playing ‘solo’ dame for the first time! (He has been an Ugly Sister) Quite a discovery! Very Stylised almost doll-like makeup, but wearing the frock with pride and comfortable in the traditional cross gender role - not a large part in this pantomime – but none the less he engaged the audience with confidence and style which is essential if we are to respond to him – and we did with great enthusiasm! She was, of course, the nurse to the Babes, Janet (Martha Bailey) and John (Declan Matwij) who were excellent as the alternative plot to this story and obviously had bags of confidence and talent to spare – ones to watch for the future I hope. And, of course, our stylish heroine Maid Marion (Claire Doughty) with fine voice, beguiling and suitably maid-like as she survives the evil machinations of her ‘uncle’ the Sheriff and is dutifully rescued from a fate worse than death by Robin and the Merry Men. Chorus and Dancers worked hard and moved well to the stirring melodies from the excellent duo of MD on keyboard (Ian Futers) and percussionist (Matthew Crittenden) who added much to the proceedings and contributed to the overall ‘happy’ feel to this fine piece of traditional pantomime; combined with colourful costumes and cloths, and smooth scene changes. This society deserves their audiences to follow wherever they perform."
Review by Jim Farr
"Right from the off set, this production moved at a lively yet well drilled pace and represented all that is good about pantomime. The spark and vitality of the show was matched by the colourful costumes, set and good lighting. Underpinned musically by the duo of Ian Futers (Keyboard) and Matthew Crittenden (Percussion) Dereham proved the right ambiance can be created by just two musicians on their mettle. Good use was made of the stage, and as far as one can recall the director observed all the “rules” of panto; having said that, in addition to Robin being played by a female so too were the roles of Little John and Will Scarlett. The quality of singing was as good as any other Dereham production I have seen. The diction of Laura Pirret (Spirit) and her charming performance is to be commended. So too should the performance from Gareth Evans (Dame), a highly commendable effort from one so young and in such a vital role. Claire Doughty looked terrific as Maid Marion and Judith Oulare played the eponymous role of Robin in fine style. The pairing of Nick Bird (Sheriff) and Tony Wilds (Herman) as the evil comic leads was a match made in heaven (or hell?). Individually they were good, collectively they were brilliant. (Best summed up with the delivery of two lines “Oh my sore” “Ah so there you are”). Just one of a plethora of funny one-liners in this Denyer script. The slapstick routine in the school room worked well as did the comic song in the second act. It was also a pleasure to watch a troupe of dancers perform so well in unison and smile at the same time. The choreography throughout, though simple in concept, was well presented by the entire cast. It was such a pity there were not more people in the audience to witness this excellent traditional style family pantomime."

May 2019

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